Learn About a Full-Service Construction Material Supplier

Learn About a Full-Service Construction Material Supplier

Get custom building components in Saint-Andre & Grand Falls, NB

Truall Building Components Inc. is a construction material supplier based in Grand Falls, NB. Our construction specialists build roof trusses, web floor joists, beams, posts, engineered hangers and baby barns.

We’re also distributors for Logix ICF (insulated concrete forms) and Aegis Metal Framing. We can help you design and construct a durable and secure building.

Call Truall Building Components today to order ICF blocks in the New Brunswick area.

Create a 3-D design for steel roof trusses

We use state-of-the-art technology to create 3-D designs for a variety of construction components. From baby barn frames to pre-fabricated walls, we can help you:

  • Take exact measurements.
  • Create custom shapes.
  • Visualize the finished product.

Rely on Truall Building Components Inc. for accurate and detailed 3-D design work. Ask about baby barn frames in Grand Falls, NB by calling 506-473-2042 today.